Super Slow

Controlled lifting & lowering for maximum results without breaking a sweat.

SuperSlow is a form of resistance weight training popularized by Ken Hutchins. SuperSlow involves the combination of very slow speeds of lifting and lowering weight, along with the general principles of the high intensity training approach advocated by Arthur Jones.

The 10 second lifting and 8 second lowering repetition speed (slow resistance training), originally invented and patented by Dr. Vincent “Ben” Bocchicchio, was suggested to Ken Hutchins. Hutchins further developed the protocol during Nautilus-funded osteoporosis research at the University of Florida in the early 80s.

An identical method to the current SuperSlow protocol was used in the 1940s by body builders as a plateau breaker under the name MC/MM or muscle contraction with measured movement. The repetition tempo used in MC/MM was 10/10.

The method incorporates very slow repetition speeds as compared to traditional resistance training methods, with emphasis on minimizing acceleration to reduce the force the body is exposed to during exercise and improve muscular loading.

SuperSlow workouts typically consist of one set of each exercise carried out to complete muscle fatigue.

For new clients, a frequency of twice weekly is recommended; however, sessions are reduced to once a week as the intensity of the workouts increases to give the body more time to recover. Some research indicates that SuperSlow produces superior results compared to traditional methods in as little as 10 weeks.

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