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Conveniently located, free parking, state-of-the-art

Our brand new, full-service, personal training studio is located at 120 Coxe Avenue, in the heart of Downtown Asheville. The studio is kept cool with A/C and fans to ensure that muscles do not fatigue due to heat exhaustion. We utilize MedX and SuperSlow equipment that is checked and maintained regularly for proper operation. Free parking is available so there is no need to search and pay for parking on the street.

Workouts are tough and effective but don’t leave you drenched in sweat. The SuperSlow Fitness Training method is perfect for getting your day started, rejuvenating you on your lunch break, or as an after work workout. Come as you are or use our changing room to fit into something more comfortable.

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120 Coxe Ave Suite 2C Asheville, NC 28801

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